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Cook Incorporated's commitment to product innovation, skilled hand-craftsmanship and unsurpassed customer satisfaction has earned the company worldwide recognition among medical professionals. Recognizing early on the clinical value of the Seldinger percutaneous entry technique that led to dramatic reductions in the need for risky open surgical procedures, Cook Incorporated became the first U.S. manufacturer to produce matched sets of needles, catheters and wire guides needed to perform this procedure.

That foresight put Cook Incorporated at the start of a revolution in medical technology and led to international success. The company, which started in a spare bedroom in 1963, now manufactures more than 50,000 individual products sold worldwide. The company is acknowledged as a leading manufacturer of catheters, wire guides, introducer needles and sheaths, stents and stent grafts, embolization coils, intraluminal filters and other minimally invasive devices.

Cook Incorporated has cemented its commitment to the Bloomington area with the construction of a state-of-the-art facility on the city's westside. Upon completion, Cook Incorporated's new global headquarters will cover more than 800,000 square feet. This technologically advanced building consolidates product development, medical device manufacturing, warehousing and shipping, and administrative operations previously spread over seven buildings. With its striking design, the new headquarters provides office personnel and production workers with a world-class facility matching Cook Incorporated's global reputation for innovation and quality.

Through its Diagnostic and Interventional Products Division, Cook Incorporated serves cardiologists, radiologists, specialists in endovascular procedures, surgeons and other medical professionals performing percutaneous entry procedures. Critical care and emergency medicine specialists are served by their own division, Cook Critical Care. Cook Surgical markets medical biomaterials from acellular natural tissues through its tissued engineered products group. In addition, the company's growing team of medical device engineering and development specialists works with leading researchers at hospitals and university medical centers around the world to develop, test and perfect important new diagnostic and interventional medical products.

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